VHERIA: the truth is obvious.

The Brand

VHERIA is a grand name that finds its origin in the assonance with Verità, the italian word for truth. The Latin Veritas in Roman mythology was the goddess of truth; daughter of time and mother of virtue. Therefore: the goal of quality as an unavoidable consequence of the passage of time. First and foremost, commitment to research for exclusive products dedicated to hair care; ultimately, an obvious final result on your head. Hair has always been considered a vehicle of power, strength and seduction. In keeping with mythology, was not the Samson the hero with the prodigious force, derived from his hair? At the same time, they have often entered the collective imagination as an iconographic sign: Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol or David Bowie, just to mention three examples representing cinema, art… and people likely to have arrived from the outer space.

VHERIA consists of a complete range of six exclusive products that includes two shampoos and four treatments for health, nutrition and hair improvement. They range from CLEANSER – VOLUMISING and MOISTURISING, to SCALP, specific for the scalp hydration and fall prevention, the NUTRIENT BOOSTER for targeted action against excessive daily loss, and the LEAVE-IN restructuring balm.

All products are exclusively formulated based on natural exotic plant elements – extracts of Icelandic lichen, edelweiss, pomegranate, pineapple, apple, aloe, and coconut – used depending on the specific treatment.

VHERIA heritage: this is the second generation of a family always been involved in the treatment of hair. After 50 years passionately working in the hair care industry with leading hair care brands in UK, United States and Italy, it is now time to look forward and pass the legacy to the next generation.

Unreachable know-how and experience (and following a degree in BaSCosmetic science) has brought Elisa Salatin to formulate her own collection of products. After years of testing, the developed products offer you the chance to an effective and bespoke regime for stronger and healthier hair.

VHERIA has been drawn from the true passion and love for hair.

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